Welcome 2016 MS 150 Sunshine Bike Team!‏

Welcome everyone!
It is that time of year again where we head back out on our bikes and enjoy the wonderful weather. I know many of you have asked about jerseys this year. The decision was finalized today(6/3/2016) and we are going to order jerseys! There will be a sign up sheet at the bike shop. You MUST be registered for the MS 150 and be on the Sunshine bike team. The jerseys this year will cost $35 each. Please have CASH or CHECK (No cards) with you when you sign up for the jerseys at the bike shop. Also, you must sign up before July 1st. If you miss that date you will not be able to get a jersey. So everyone who wants one go ahead and sign up as quick as you can! Hopefully I will have pictures of the design soon.
I will be sending out more details in days/weeks to come! I hope all is going well. This should be a great year for the MS150!