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Minimum Service Labor: $15

Get Free Tune-Ups!

All bikes sold by Sunshine Bike Shop are eligible for free tune-ups.*

*You must be the original owner of the bike. Free tune-ups expire ten years from the bike's model year. Free tune-ups are not transferable and are not offered on secondhand ownership.

Basic Tune-Up

Our Bikes: FREE

When you purchase a bike from Sunshine Bike Shop you are eligible to receive our Basic Tune-Up at no charge! The Basic Tune-Up includes adjusting derailleurs & brakes, chain lubrication, frame wipe down, & tires aired to proper inflation.

Full Tune-Up

Our Bikes: $29.99

Our Full Tune-Up is the best way to make sure your bike is tuned & operating at its full potential. We check over & inspect cables & housing for cracks & wear. Inspect both tires & inflate to proper pressure. Lube all brake & derailleur pivot points. Lube chain & adjust derailleurs, brakes, headset, bottom bracket, & hubs. True wheels, torque crank arms, & tighten pedals.

Pro Tune-Up

Our Bikes: $79.99

Our Pro Tune-Up includes all the services provided with a Basic Tune-Up, plus a drivetrain clean. Drivetrain clean includes removing all drivetrain components: the cassette, chain, derailleurs, crank, & bottom bracket. Each part is thoroughly cleaned in solvent, re-installed, & tuned.

Complete Overhaul

Our Bikes: $209.99

Our Complete Overhaul includes full disassembly of your bike in order to clean all parts, including frame & fork. Hubs, headset, & bottom bracket bearings are cleaned & repacked with fresh grease (where applicable). Drivetrain components are removed & cleaned in solvent. Bike is reassembled, tuned, & torqued to spec. The Complete Overhaul includes replacement cables & housing at no additional charge. This is a must have service for anyone that spends time in mud & gravel environments. Appointment Required.

More Services

Build, Box, or Ship

box-a-bike $80-120
build-a-bike $80-200
shipping $65-200 plus insurance


true wheel $15-35
adjust derailleur $15
adjust brakes $15
bleed hydraulic brakes $20 per lever
bleed droppers $20
adjust hubs $15-20
adjust headset $15
adjust bottom bracket $15-20
change tube/tire $10-15
tubeless tire set-up/repair $20-40 per wheel

Wheel Building

Please Note: Wheel builds do not include the price of spokes or other needed parts. All wheel builds include 1 year of free Wheel Truing.

Custom Wheel Build $75
Custom Wheel Build & Tubeless Set Up $90
De-Tension and Rebuild Wheel $90

Frame Wrap

install invisiframe and ride wrap kits
full suspension $150 plus materials
hard tail $125 plus materials
install critical point protection $100 plus materials


Certified Suspension Service by Trail Labs:

mid-season shock service $60-80
mid-season fork service $73-105
full season shock service $111-160
full season fork service $120-160


install fork $30
install stem $15
install handlebars $20-30
install handlebar wrap $15 plus wrap
install dropper seatpost $20-40
install crank $15-30
install cables/housing $20 for one, $15 for two
install shifter/brake lever $20 per comp.
install crank and bottom bracket $30
install chain $20
install cassette/freewheel $20
overhaul hubs $15 Front, $25 Rear
overhaul/install headset $25
overhaul/install bottom bracket $25

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