Buff THERMONET MULTIFUNCTIONAL Unisex Headband/Neck Tube Dabs Rose One Size


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ThermoNet multifunctional cloth. The BUFF ThermoNet multifunctional cloth is a fiber innovation developed together with Primaloft in the form of a tube scarf. This new material offers 4x higher thermal insulation compared to commercially available microfibers. It is also extremely breathable, has perfect moisture management and is of course seamless. The special feature of this fiber is its production, because it is made from 70% recycled PET bottles.

  • This product contains 1 recycled plastic bottle. It's not a trick, it's called sustainability!
  • Suitable for year-round use as a base layer. Versatile all year round.
  • Manufactured in one piece and without seams for maximum comfort and to avoid skin inflammation.
  • Windproof functional materials. Designed for comfort and warmth in windy weather

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