Cane Creek 40 SERIES IS52/40 Lower Headset Black


This series from Cane Creek includes all the necessary features to produce a durable and hard-wearing headset. Cane Creek's 40 Series headsets strike the perfect balance between performance, durability and price. Standardized Headset Identification System (S.H.I.S.): In order to clarify and bring uniformity to a sea of headset standards, manufacturers Acros, Cane Creek, Hope, Race Face, Reset Racing and Ritchey have agreed upon using a shared nomenclature, which will likely include more participating companies in the future. This system takes into account a combination of frame and fork dimensions. Both the upper and lower part of the headset are marked by two alphanumeric identifiers. The first identifier indicates the type of headset (External Cup, Zero Stack, Integrated) and head tube diameter. The second identifier - separated from the first by a backslash - indicates the diameter of the steerer tube. When referring to a complete headset, the specifications of both upper and lower parts must be combined.

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