Industry Nine HYDRA ENDURO S 29 Carbon Wheelset Black


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<p>The Hydra S Carbon series represents a long-standing call from riders looking to pair the lively and durable Hydra S hub platform with I9's proven carbon rim technology. At the heart of the Hydra S Carbon family lies the insanely fast engaging Hydra laced to 28 straight-pull steel spokes. I9's 31mm carbon rim features hookless technology that mates with modern aggressive tires capable of handling the most demanding conditions.The Enduro 305 features I9's exceptional 6 pawl HYDRA freehub body, which has 690 points of engagement (P.O.E.). This is the number of points at which a rear hub's ratchet mechanism engages per revolution of the cassette.The wheelset is also a remarkably light 1765g, so weight is not sacrificed for durability.The wheelset comes pretaped with valve stems included.If you are looking for the best upgrade possible for your bike, look no further. The Hydra S carbon outperforms its competitors and comes in at a lower price point. Case closed.</p>
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<li>28 Hole S-Series - ""S"" is for steel, and in this case, the spokes. A high-performance 28h hub and straight-pull spoke system but in a more conventional, approachable, and economical package</li>
<li>6 Pawl HYDRA Freehub Body - Our groundbreaking 690 P.O.E. Hydra Freehub body engages every .52 degrees yielding exceptional control</li>
<li>Lifetime Warranty - Complete system wheel warranty coverage against defects on your carbon wheelset for as long as you own them</li>
<li>Tubeless-ready, and ideal for tires ranging from 2.3 - 2.8in in width</li>
<li>Full carbon rims weighing only 480g each</li>

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