KLITE Adventure Light Kit Ultra - Son Dynamo


kLite has rebranded the "MTB ULTRA"--it's now called the "Adventure ULTRA". We ship this kit using the "Always On" wire loom since it is in high demand in our markets.

Designed and built for adventure, the kLite Ultra V2 Adventure Lighting System has been tried and tested in some of the most extreme racing environments around the world. From lighting and powering athletes for countless hours across America on the Tour Divide, to winning the epic Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan, this lighting system is built to go the distance.

The kLite ULTRA V2 Adventure Light is best light in the kLite range for navigating rough tracks at low speeds. With its specifically selected optical elements it provides the best overall visibility of everything that’s in front of you, allowing you to ride and race further.

Throwing a bright ultra wide beam the kLite Ultra V2 Adventure Light is perfect for sketchy descents and tight cornering on singletrack, illuminating brightly even at low speeds. 

Built tough, and with charging key electronics in mind, this is a field repairable system that can be relied upon when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Perfect for races like the Silk Road Mountain Race or backcountry adventures like Australia's Hunt 1000. About 50/50 on the Tour Divide with the ULTRA Race (gravel) model.


  • 1300 lumen front light utilizing 2 x Flood and 1 x Spot optical elements
  • Flood optical elements provide a 180 degree beam allowing you to see everything that’s in front of you.
  • Spot optical element kicks in as your speed increases allowing you to see further down the road.
  • Standby Flood mode when slow or stopped (up to 15 minutes) means you can always find your way or make camp.
  • The kLite low speed power booster is designed to provide more output power at low speeds than regular dynamo lights.
  • 135 grams


  • Dual USB charger
  • Outputs 1000mA (5 Watts)
  • Multiple capacitor design for a smoother, cleaner output to charge sensitive electronics
  • Charge iPhone, Android, GPS head units, Spot trackers and more.
  • Works seamlessly with USB cache batteries for charging devices at a later stage.
  • Charging from low speed riding (8km/hr)
  • 70 grams


  • kLite Ultra V2 Adventure light
  • kLite Dual USB Charger
  • Wire loom, Bar switch and Handlebar Mount Kit


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