Kuat Hi-Lo Pro 2" Hitch Extension with Cam System


The Hi-Lo Pro takes the Hi-Lo to the next level. Kuat has added a proprietary Flat-lock™ hitch cam that ensures a zero-wobble user experience. They also included their fully redesigned hitch lock.

  • Hi-Lo Pro is a 2” hitch extension (works with 2” hitch receivers) with a 250 lb. weight limit
  • Provides 2” of drop or 2” of rise to the vehicle receiver
  • Provides 10” of Hitch Extension
  • Matte Black with black water transfer logos
  • Note: Approved for use with the NV 2.0 (including NV 2.0 Add-On), Base 2.0 (including NV Base 2.0 Add-on) Sherpa 2.0, Transfer family and the original NV 2” 2-bike only

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