PNW Components RAINIER GEN 3 Alloy 34.9 Dropper Post


In the bike industry fashion is determined by the mud on your shorts and dust on your shoes. Yet, there is something undeniably satisfying about a freshly tailored suit, PNW Components designed the all new Rainier Dropper Post to add that custom tailored feel to your bike. Known for its consistency and reliability, this new iteration builds on these principles while fitting more bikes and providing refined adjustability for the rider.

  • Tool-Less Travel Adjust allows you to reduce the travel by up to 30mm* in 5mm increments to get the longest travel post possible.
  • An updated cold weather-proof cartridge provides unparalleled reliability across all sorts of trail conditions.
  • The Gen 3 Rainier's overall length provides some of the shortest insertion depths on the market.

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