PNW Components RANGE GEN 3 Handlebar


PNW Components Range Handlebar Gen 3 remains focused on ergonomics and comfort, with a width of 800mm and a new 35mm diameter option. With the industry continually trending towards frames with longer reach, PNW Components's Range Handlebar Gen 3 prioritizes minimizing back discomfort and wrist fatigue so you never feel like you have ol' bird bones on your climbs or descents.

  • PNW Components used 2014 Aluminum because it most closely resembles carbon’s chatter absorbing qualities in a more cost-conscious and durable package.
  • A comfy combination of 10 degree back sweep, 5 degree upsweep and a 30mm rise puts your arms and shoulders in a more relaxed position.
  • Science? Physics? Engineers are crafty. By maximizing the butting profiles, PNW Components removed as much as 25 grams from their previous bar.