Revelate Design JERRYCAN 0.6L Saddle Bag Black


The Jerrycan is a small rear mount specific bag to max out your carrying space Only 2" wide, so your legs don't hit it when pedaling Constructed with VX 21 fabric, padded ballistics nylon along the tube sections, yellow interior, Plastic HD side panel inserts, #5 YKK water resistant zipper, interior elastic keeps a multitool from rattling. Two Styles: Regular - For most bikes, the seat post / top tube angle is slightly obtuse to fit lots of frames. Bent - For bikes with gusseted braces at the seat tube/ top tube junction. These bags are rear mount specific, they will only work up front if you have a lot of spacers under your stem. Weight: 2.6 oz. Volume: 35 cu. in. Approximate Dimensions: 5 1/2" Length / 2" Width / 4" Height

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