Shimano BR-RS785 Post Mount Brake Caliper


This is the Shimano Hydraulic Disc-Brake, BR-RS785 without adapter for front or rear. This is a single brake caliper for road or cyclocross use. The road brake caliper that Shimano first introduced (BR-R785) has been updated and replaced by a new brake caliper (BR-RS785). This brake caliper has improved cable routing. Instead of running from the lever to the outside of the caliper, the cable now runs to the inside of the caliper (straight connection). Shimano equipped its hydraulic disc brakes with their revolutionary Ice technology. A cooling technology for consistent performance and increases in braking power through heat reduction. The clad rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel and aluminum, provides a better radiation performance that reduces the temperature by as much as 100 degrees fahrenheit. The system is compatible only with "FREEZA" SM-RT99 rotors, which are available in 2 size options. 140mm standard and 160mm for those looking to increase their braking power. Or you can run 160 in the front and 140 in the rear to balance your braking.

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