This Mountain Bike Rack from Steadyrack helps you keep your bike safe and your floor clean. This black bike rack allows for hassle-free storage of your bike — it's perfect for keeping your bike anywhere from an apartment entryway to a garage. Made from steel, this wall-mounted bike rack is a must-have addition, and the durable construction provides sturdy, long-term use. Mount it to the wall near your front door or hang it at the back of your garage — either way, this bike rack makes it easy to store your bicycle.

Steadyrack MTB Rack is designed with larger and stronger folding arms to handle both regular MTB tire sizes as well as plus size tires. In fact, othe MTB bike rack is also suitable for any bike with larger tire sizes including eBikes and heavy bikes up to 35kg / 77lbs. Like all of our Steadyrack bike wall mounts, you can swivel or pivot your bike side to side up to 160 degrees to get your bike as close to the wall as possible.

Best for:

  • MTB, eMTB, Gravel

Designed for bikes with:

  • Wheel Diameter: 20'' – 29''
  • Tire Width: 2.1'' – 2.8"
  • Maximum Weight: 35kg / 77lbs
  • No fenders/mudguards

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