Tacx NEO 2T Direct Drive Smart Trainer


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It’s hard to make something great even better - and the NEO Series indoor trainers by Tacx have always been great. However, with the NEO 2T Smart T2875, the developers of the Dutch indoor training specialist managed to further optimise the iconic, progressive and popular smart trainer. It’s hard to believe but true... newly designed magnets inside the NEO 2T indoor trainer by Tacx allow for significantly smoother running. Any noise generated from internal air displacement is greatly reduced, as are vibrations that transfer to the floor at low cadence. The result is a smart trainer that is quieter than ever. In addition, the new motor design of the NEO 2T improves ride feel on climbs or during acceleration. The direct drive of the turbo trainer is even more powerful, which allows for higher resistance levels under certain conditions – especially during sprints or at low speed. At that, the trainer is incredibly responsive and immediately reacts to changing speed or gradient. Thanks to dynamic inertia, it compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination for a realistic ride. Modern electronics with a fast chipset precisely control the brake and offer the basis for reliable, consistent power measurement. The system measures your power within 1% accuracy for extremely reliable performance data. Apart from precise measurement of speed, cadence and power though, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart offers capacitive sensors to separately measure your left and right pedal stroke. By adding ANT+ connectivity and cycling dynamics, you are now able to analyse your pedal stroke via third-party software. For instance with Cycling Dynamics on your Garmin Edge bike computer. The rear axle of the NEO 2T is designed to make it compatible with more bikes. The rear axle of the smart home trainer is compatible with 130/135 mm quick release skewers as well as modern 142/148 x 12 mm thru axles without the need for complicated adapter solutions. You can use your own thru axle and only need to put the corresponding axle component on the trainer. Once paired, you can use all functions of Tacx apps, the cloud website or your favourite third-party applications. With videos and GPS trainings, alone or with friends. Coloured LED floor spots indicate your power, connection indicator LEDs indicate if the trainer is powered and connected with a device via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Create training plans, analyse your data and export your activities to Strava. You can also use your favourite apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad to ride virtual races or document your cycling goals. Of course, you can also train without an external power source. Like the Tacx Bushido Smart trainer, it comes with a permanent motor and electronics that are set to generate energy from your cycling movement, enabling the trainer to communicate with apps and control the resistance unit. It features all smart functions (except descent simulation) as long as you keep cycling. To update the firmware of your Neo 2T Smart and use the latest features, you can visit the Tacx cloud website.

  • Independently measures the power of your left and your right leg. This helps you to reduce muscle power deficits while improving your riding and pedalling technique
  • Feel different road surfaces like cobblestones and gravel. The feature can be used in combination with the Tacx or Zwift app
  • Train with a constant speed or power level
  • Intuitive LED lights indicated if you’re connected via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and powered
  • Connect and get going with the NEO 2T - this top model among Tacx indoor trainers doesn’t need any calibration
  • A foldable frame allows for easy transport and storage
  • Cassette Not Included

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