VITTORIA RideArmor Tire - TLR


RideArmor delivers dependable durability and long wear-life, with a focus on comfort and grip across all asphalt and weather conditions. True to its name, RideArmor has been developed to be an all-season tire suitable for year-round training and commuting on any road surface and in any weather condition. The outcome is a genuine armor designed to protect you from your most hateful enemy: punctures.

  • The toughest road tire available, for the harshest road conditions
  • Graphene + Silica 2C Compound: Rubber, evolved with graphene and reinforced with silica in a graduated schedule of four compounds. Minimized rolling resistance and punchy responsiveness in the center strip, high grip and anchoring stability on the shoulders, and reinforcement against sidewall cuts
  • 100 TPI Nylon Casing provides durability, longevity, and reliability. A puncture-resistant platform engineered for racing and long training miles alike, with thicker threads that better withstand the grind of daily intervals while still transitioning to the speed of the weekly crit series
  • Not approved for use with hookless rims